About Us

Since its establishment in 1988, Bismen Glass Art Eng. Ltd. has specialized in all kinds of glass technology. From the early carving process, to the current varieties of processing technique and new technology, such as laminated glass, switchable light control glass, LED glass and the dizzying and stained glass painting at church, all these innovations have elevated the glass art and technology to the highest level.

Bismen has accumulated many years of intensive experience in creativity and design; we do not showcase the products in a fancy style, but would rather keep on the never-ending improvement.

In 1995, our designers went to Europe and put special focus on studying the church’s stained glass painting, from the material selection, design style, history, painting to installation, with the ultimate objective for delivering the perfect products. The glass has been imported from United States and Europe, with the production and assembly work in Southeast Asia. Within these 20 years, Bismen has completed a lot of large and small theme park, church, school and museum projects.

We have been wholeheartedly produced the products upon the customer requests throughout all these years, and they are our sources of innovation and inspiration. In the future, we would devote our best with dedication to deliver the utmost professional services.